Reflexology with Caution! Not everyone can have reflexology done.

Reflexology with Caution! Not everyone can have reflexology done image 0

Reflexology with Caution! Not everybody can have reflexology done.

Everybody has to approach reflexology with caution.

This page will help you determine if reflexology is secure for you,

due to the fact that as you will certainly find out, any person can do reflexology.

Most people definitely enjoy reflexology and receive it consistently.

People that must not under any type of situation obtain reflexology consist of anybody with the adhering to

  • Deep blood vessel thrombosis
  • Thromboplebitis
  • Cellulite on the feet or legs
  • Severe infection with high temperature
  • Stroke- in the initial 2 weeks
  • An unstable maternity

People with these problems must not obtain reflexology by anybody! except an Accredited Reflexologist

Reflexology with Caution! Not everyone can have reflexology done image 1
  • Pregnancy in the initial trimester
  • Insulin reliant diabetics
  • Cancer cells, particularly lymphoma
  • Epilepsy
  • Anti-coagulating drugs i.e. warfarin as well as heparin
  • Individuals taking high dose medications or a variety of medications
  • As much as six months after heart surgical procedure
  • Hypersensitive individuals –– eg. chronic fatique
  • Infectious conditions –– eg. plantar protuberances, tinea, HELP, Hep B or C

Constantly completely check the foot, hand, face or ear prior to ever before starting, bear in mind do reflexology with caution.

Try to find bruises, cuts, swelling, sores, infections anything contagious or uncomfortable to touch.

Things like these mean you should definitely refrain from doing reflexology on that particular part of the foot, hand or face.

Reflexology is only for healthy and balanced feet, hands, face and also ears.

It assists restore equilibrium, however does not cure conditions or diseases and should be used to aid maintain a healthy and balanced state and also for relaxation.


The various other secret element to reflexology is water. Water and reflexology work together to heal the body and advertise balance.

Whenever obtaining reflexology you ought to always consume alcohol a lot of H2O during and also after the therapy–– consuming alcohol more than common for a minimum of 24 hours complying with any type of type of reflexology therapy. This is the trick to reflexology working effectively.

Without it you can experience influenza like symptoms, headaches as well as severe fatigue for 24 hours.

The minute reflexology begins your body begins functioning twice as tough to do away with waste from cells, organs, blood and also every other part of the body.


We are really enthusiastic regarding sharing the ancient strategies of Reflexology with every person worldwide that intends to better their health and lifestyle which of those around them. Unfortunately nevertheless, there are some people that have to stay clear of reflexology or can just receive it from trained specialists, so please! Inspect our Reflexology Caution! page right here and see to it Reflexology is ideal for you and those you will exercise on before starting.


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