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5 Nov 11

Reflexology Question

Please encourage why my left third toe would certainly be inflamed as well as sore.

Feels like this is indicator of a chronic condition. Ella from Netherlands Antilles


There can be several reasons why that toe is swollen as well as sore, yet it is difficult to utilize reflexology to identify. Regrettably reflexology is simply not a clinical diagnostic tool.

If you have any worries regarding health problem always see a physician.

With your inflamed toe we advise seeing a Foot Doctor or a General Medical professional. When you see them ask if you can get reflexology.

If they claim it is safe for you, we suggest doing complete reflexology foot treatments to yourself once a week/ fortnight (relying on what matches you finest) for 3 months, and after that when a month afterwards.

Most likely to how-to-do-Reflexology. com/footreflexology for guidelines.

18 Oct 2011

Reflexology Inquiry

A good friend has asked my to do reflexology on them however they having issues with their balance as well as have had ear ache for sometime, awaiting a mind check, would certainly it be alright to do this treatment on them? Pauline from UK


Perhaps you must ask your good friends General Physician if they would suggest it or not.

Reflexology is 99.99% flawlessly secure, yet if the person is undertaking a serious treatment or you feel uncertain for any kind of factor whatsoever you need to get in touch with a Qualified Doctor.

Reflexology is understood to have assisted cancer individuals as well as all kinds of sick individuals, however always consult the Physician first.

11 Nov 2010

Reflexology Concern

It claims to consume water a great deal when doing reflexology, why? Rose from Singapore


You are so right, it does state a lot of times to consume a lot of water when getting reflexology.

Reflexology does three vital points-

–– unwinds you

–– advertises equilibrium and also harmony within your bodies different systems

–– enhances your blood circulation

Water is related to reflexologys third feature – — raising blood circulation.

When blood circulation is enhanced by reflexology it additionally raises the bodies capacity to recover and get rid of toxins and also waste.

Did you know that? You can in fact (on a cellular level) boost the rate at which you eliminate toxins from your system!

It additionally increases the amount of rubbish your cells remove. similar to when you do spring cleansing in your house.

As well as the way that your cells transport and also get rid of waste.?


Water transportations and removes waste via your blood stream.

You might say water resembles your bodies trash collector

Yet what takes place if there’& rsquo; s not nearly enough trash collector functioning.?

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You obtain heaps of stinking rotten rubbish in the street.

So consuming alcohol great deals of water is necessary to deliver and also eliminate your bodies dead cells, waste, toxins and also anything else it doesn’& rsquo; t want anymore.

If you similar to this and would like to know more visit how-to-do-Reflexology. com/water

3 Nov 2010

Reflexology Concern

Can reflexology assist an over active bladder? Terry from USA


Yes it can most definitely help with an over energetic bladder

First drop in your physician to see if this is a medical issue. If it is a clinical trouble and more than a basic over energetic bladder reflexology unfortunately won’& rsquo; t be able to assist.

If you’& rsquo; ve already seen a medical professional and also its not a clinical condition after that heres some tips and also background info on the bladder to assist answer your reflexology concern & hellip;

Foot reflexology is best, as well as the bladder is among the easiest reflexology locations to locate

For reflexology to assist you just need to do two things,

1) do reflexology over the whole foot as well as the bladder and also other indicated areas

2) do it on a regular basis (when a week, fortnight is great, also as soon as a month is okay if you are totally pushed for time)

An usual reflexology question is can you do it on your own? Yes its feasible to do quick twenty minute or hour long Do-It-Yourself foot reflexology, 10 to twenty minutes on each foot

Its important to do every one of both feet to see to it you get all the organs that support the bladder just in situation among them is off and also it’& rsquo; s adding to the over energetic bladder.

The bladder is just one component of the urinary system, it counts on the kidneys, the ideal acid/ alkaline balance, it’& rsquo; s controlled by the pituitary gland & hellip;

Step 1.

Do reflexology over the whole appropriate foot after that the whole left foot, for instructions see how-to-do-reflexology. com/footreflexology. com

Step 2.

Carefully emphasize round motions/ thumb stroll for an extra fifty percent a min each, the following areas (do all of them on the best foot after that all on the left foot);

Pituitary Gland

(this regulates your bladder. as well as practically everything else in your body)

Found on the bottom of huge toe, in the center but slightly to the within the toe just about where the toe print lines fulfill with each other.

This is typically always sensitive as it has such a huge task to do so be gentle.


(they filter all the water and also waste from the bloodstream and intestines and send it to the bladder)

Easy to locate, first locate the midsection on the foot. Taking a look at the bottom of the foot, the midsection is the location thinnest in width regarding halfway between the toes and also the heel. It remains in a various place on every person and shows their body, similar to every one is various heights and also forms.

The kidney remains in the very same place on both feet, beneath the second toe just above the waist line.


On the inside of both feet, straight under the ankle joint bone and simply over the back area.

Easy to recognize due to the fact that it is the roundish puffy area and a little lighter or darker in colour from the surrounding skin.

Finish with a glass of water.

Even More Bladder Details!

The bladder is a flexible sack that holds pee all set for launch from the body.

When you consume water it is absorbed into your blood stream, and circumnavigates your body renewing cells and also assisting to accumulate, then transportation dead cells and also waste from the blood stream.

For the excess water to leave the blood stream with every one of the waste it accumulates it pays a visit to the magnificent kidneys!

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The kidneys do a large effort using up to an amazing seven litres of fluid out of your blood stream each and every single hr daily, sorting via what’& rsquo; s helpful and also what & rsquo; s toxic.

Helpful stuff goes back into the body and nitrogenous waste gets sent to your bladder.

For some individuals it looks like as soon as they have a drink of water they require to go to the bathroom.

Their body for one reason or another is speeding up through this process or avoiding it all with each other!

A remarkably big amount of people experience an over active bladder eventually with their lives as well as its a typical reflexology question if reflexology can aid.

Over active bladders can frequently be fixed with diet, see a Physician/ Nutritional Expert or Natural Health and wellness Therapist to see what you can include or eliminate from your diet regimen to fix this.

As an example; a fundamental regulation of bodies is that salt aids the body to soak up water. maybe you’& rsquo; re not getting sufficient salt in your existing diet regimen? (take care as well as see a medical professional initially however since excess salt can trigger heart congestion)

Its best to consult a medical professional due to the fact that an over active bladder can be a simple thing to take care of.

If you have a serious clinical problem as well as are receiving therapy, you require to ask your medical professional if you can have reflexology. If they claim its ok we advise seeing a professional reflexologist who can give normal reflexology treatments, track your progression and also help keep you unwinded as well as focused on a positive outcome from your clinical treatment.

The Bladder has it’& rsquo; s possess Meridian power line as well, even seeing an Acupuncturist or Traditional Chinese Medication professional might be excellent as they are able to aid open up any kind of energy obstructions on your bladder power line.

Do you have a reflexology inquiry? Ask us currently obtain a solution within 7 days

27 Oct 2010

Reflexology Question

Are there particular factors for the throat on the paw? Our canine has throat cancer however still continues to be strong. Being experienced in foot reflexology, I am confident utilizing it will help recover him. Thanks. Bill from U.S.A.


Pet dog Reflexology at this point in time is still relatively brand-new, there are no absolutely definitive maps.

You can still do reflexology on pets though, and we very recommend it!

Dogs enjoy reflexology!

We advise you do it on the paws and also ankle location.

The paws and also base of legs are generally not an area that a canine is used to being touched and also they most likely aren’& rsquo; t utilized to being touched there.

This indicates do it on a regular basis, begin tiny doing just a little of reflexology while they are currently sitting or lying down relaxed, as well as understand if the pet is appreciating it, this is a relaxation treatment so enjoyment is vital to the treatments success.

Now in time there is speculation that the neck/throat location on a pet is the ankle location of all the feet.

In between the large center pad under of the foot and also the dew claw.

On some dogs the dew claw can be missing out on or was removed as a young puppy, it resembles the thumb on a human in the sense that it is just sideways and a bit greater than the various other claws.

If there is any kind of problem discovering it

a) put on’& rsquo; t fret about it and simply do reflexology to the whole ankle location of the dogs feet

b) browse the web to an internet search engine as well as look for “& ldquo; canine dew claw & rdquo; you will certainly see lots of images that will help you discover it.

Dog reflexology strategy coincides when it comes to doing reflexology to human hands.

Utilizing the forefinger, gently apply a small amount of stress to the area, keeping the finger in the exact same place make round movements one method and then the other method for about five seconds each method.

The amount of pressure to be used is very light, lighter than a massage but much heavier than simply touching the skin.

Realize that there are ligaments and also nerves in this field and stay clear of massaging too hard.

Using this method, do the entire area (all the way around the leg) between the claw and the large pad under of the foot.

Reflexology functions to advertise equilibrium so proceed over the rest of the foot and also assistance advertise fantastic health to the pet dogs whole body.

The next action is to do the huge pad on the bottom of the foot, adhered to by the smaller pads.

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