Canine Reflexology

Canine Reflexology is a relatively new concept and based on general reflexology techniques.

Dogs have reflexology points in the paws and around the bottom of their legs, by stimulating them we can increase circulation, balance and relaxation within the dog.

Canine reflexology technique is the same as when doing reflexology on a human, repetitive pressure over a reflex point increases circulation to the corresponding area,

and firm unchanging pressure on a reflex point reduces circulation and feeling in the corresponding area.

Although there are not any conclusive charts available yet they are unnecessary because here are the steps on how to do reflexology on your canine friend.

Canine Reflexology Technique

Step 1.

Sit while the dog is relaxed

1a. make sure the dog is sitting or lying down relaxed and you are sitting relaxed next to it. If the dog is not relaxed it will be very difficult to be able to touch its paws at all.

Step 2.

Gently touch the paws

1 while the dog is relaxed - sitting or lying down, using a finger or thumb firmly but gently apply repetitive pressure onto one paw at a time.

2a. work all over each pad in the paw and at the end gently massage between the pads.

2b. if the dog is really liking it also do the bottom of the legs as well, as on humans there are dog reflexology points around the ankles.

Most dogs will like this and you can feel good knowing you are helping the dog maintain a healthy state.

Letters from Readers

Here's a couple of letters from readers and our responses about canine reflexology..

30 Mar 2012


my dog has fatty lipomas. a small one in each "pit" of front legs, one med. near upper groins in front of back legs, and an especially large one on the inside thigh of her left back leg. she has had tests and there is no cancer. is there any reflexology location to do anything for these lipomas? Denise from USA


Hi Denise,

Thank you for your email.

It is always heart warming to hear of a fellow human wanting to help their four footed colleagues with canine reflexology!

Yes you are definitely able to do reflexology to your dog, keeping in mind we only do reflexology to their paws.

Reflexology will do the same thing for your dog as it will for you. It will increase blood circulation, promote balance between systems and be incredibly relaxing.

Canine reflexology wont directly or indirectly affect the lipomas themselves as reflexology does not cure things. The benefit of doing reflexology on your dog is to help them relax.

Is your dog ever stressed out about the lipomas? Does your dog ever excessively lick the areas they are in? if this is the case I would suggest using reflexology to relax your canine buddy when she is most stressed out about the lipomas. In this way you can help the animal deal with having the lipomas.

Also we need to consider that not all dogs like their feet being touched. You will need to teach your dog to enjoy you playing with the pads of their paws so that this is a relaxing massage for them rather than an anxious experience.

We understand the heartache of having a sick pet in the family and hope this helps pep up their spirit and keep them being the happy go-get-em champions we know they are!

9 Mar 2012


A friend has a dog who all of a sudden landed up with 'lagging' hind legs, she is very worried, CT scan shows no neg results - i do reflexology where on the paw will pressure help. Tanya from South Africa


Hi Tanya,

Thank you for your email.

I am sorry to hear that your friends dog has “lagging” hind legs.

Unfortunately we don’t have any conclusive charts for dogs at the moment as it is a relatively new science.

We would advise you, if the dog is comfortable with being touched, to still do reflexology to the whole of all four paws. As with humans just doing one area is not advised, and reflexology doesn’t cure anything anyway.

What canine reflexology will achieve is to help promote better health, help the dog relax and increase blood circulation (which can aid faster healing).

We will keep you updated with any new information on this topic as it becomes available.

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