Welcome to How To Do Reflexology

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Welcome to How To Do Reflexology

Reflexology is a fantastic complementary therapy anyone can do

At how to do Reflexology.com we are devoted to make reflexology offered to everyone, we believe everybody ought to be able to learn no matter where you are.

It can be used as component of regular wellness program or to get rid of a hangover, or to get the baby to rest & hellip;

Reflexology is for everybody!

Reflexology is excellent since

–– it advertises leisure and balance

–– there is only a handful of techniques

–– its actually easy to remember which components of the hands as well as feet represent which body components

Want to see some currently? Click listed below for

Foot Reflexology Charts

Face Charts

Hand Charts

There is lots of other terrific info on this site, like

Reflexology Techniques consisting of step by step directions

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Thorough, rich Background of Reflexology

Solution to Frequently Asked Reflexology Questions

Starting with the most typical below;

What is Reflexology?

It’& rsquo; s a light pressure relaxation treatment, done utilizing the thumb or fingers, on the feet, hands, face and ears.

Does it have health and wellness advantages besides relaxation?


–– Relaxes the body and mind

–– Promotes equilibrium in the body and the body systems

–– Rises blood flow to the organs and also around the entire body

Can anybody do it?


Anybody can learn just how to do reflexology actually well, on themselves, their companions and their friends, some people even provide reflexology to their family pets!

go here to start discovering reflexology right now

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Is it a medical treatment?


Constantly see a doctor or physician regarding health problems

Can it treat things?

No. Reflexology can not cure any illness.

Reflexology concentrates on balance and developing continuous healthiness. It functions to keep your body healthy and prevent ailment, this is not medical treatment or advice though.

Reflexology does not heal medical illness.

Is it dangerous?


However a small number of people should NOT get reflexology,

Click here to see who should prevent reflexology

Go here to learn how to do reflexology on the foot currently!

Reflexology does 3 amazing things; 1. it is unwinding, 2. somewhat enhances blood circulation, and 3. advertises balance within the body.

Make sure to see Reflexology Caution for complete checklist of that can/ can’& rsquo; t have reflexology Reflexology can not treat

anything and also info on this web site is followed at your very own threat, for more read the Please note here We & rsquo; re passionate about sharing the ancient methods of

Reflexology with every person that intends to discover them and also loosen up, thanks for visiting our website.

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