Mindfullness Meditation

Mindfullness Meditation (MM) is very important in Reflexology.

It is very important during a reflexology session.

The person giving reflexology must stay focused on what they are doing and how they are helping the other persons energy.

MM is simply the act of being mindful (aware) of what you are doing, being in the present.

It sounds simple, and really is.

When most people start doing reflexology they may notice that their mind wanders, thinking about things that have happened during that day, or things they need to do etc

Mind wandering is a totally natural thing to do.

But we must re-focus on the reflexology session we are doing.

Mindfullness Meditation is thinking about what we are doing while we are doing it,

as much as possible without getting worried about if our mind wanders.

Sometimes when people are completely absorbed thinking about the past or the future they can miss the present.

For example, a person is having a shower and washing their hair and maybe they are thinking about what they need to do that day. The person gets dressed thinking about work, eats breakfast thinking about what to have for dinner etc etc. All of a sudden it is lunch time and they have no idea where their day has gone.

Not living in the moment, but living in the past or the future, can create anxiety.

A lot of people around the globe today are practicing forms of meditation, tai chi, pilates or yoga to find their inner peace and deal with anxiety.

We have had a lot of success practicing Transcendental/ Vedic Meditation.

It is extremely popular right across the world, so easy to do every day, and is truly life changing.

Its also endorsed by celebrities like Oprah and Jerry Seinfield.

For more information on Vedic/ Transcendental Meditation (inc scientific studies & health benefits) check out links below for amazing organisations & individuals who teach all around the globe, & can help you find inner peace through meditation.

Vedic Meditation with Will Dalton click here

The Transcendental Meditation Program, by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi click here

Vedic Meditation with Thom Knowles click here

Check how-to-do-Reflexology.com recommended reflexology books for more info on reflexology, mindfullness meditation and other related therapies

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  3.  Slightly increases blood circulation 

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