Reflexology Hangover Relief technique

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Reflexology Hangover Relief technique

This is the simplest reflexology hangover relief technique ever. 100%.

Now you may be feeling a little bit so so, and lets face it

Hangovers = ill feeling in the tummy + frustration

Utilize this method as well as you can eat and drink water again without really feeling distressing or the fear of vomitting, you can breath easily, you will certainly be normal once more! Or as near normal as you generally are

Reflexology Hangover Relief strategy

Action 1

Locate the Meridian

1a this technique is always carried out on the second toe on each foot (next to the large toe).

1b just under the toe nail (a little to the side opposite the big toe, see diagram listed below) is the little location called the Belly Meridian reflex

Reflexology Hangover Relief technique photo 1

The Stomach Meridian is the power highway that travels directly through your tummy.

If you are hungover this power freeway is mosting likely to be really feeling quite negative, it will be slow-moving as well as obstructed, while your physical stomach is dehydrated.

To feel alleviation you need to boost this meridian, promote energy flow so it is no longer sluggish and horrible obstructions caused from alcohol consumption way too much are eliminated. When the energy begins moving you will certainly really feel exceptionally much better.

Step 2

Boost the Meridian

2a usage one finger to push down (carefully but securely) on Stomach Meridian response in a round movement for 2 mins one way and afterwards 2 mins the other method

2b do the best foot first and afterwards the left foot. Keep doing this toes until you feel relief.

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Step 3

Run wrists under water

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This step is wonderful for when an individual is still drinking, have actually had excessive as well as instantly feel ill

Depending on how much they drank, using this method for three mins will certainly guarantee they really feel better right away

Utilizing this step while enduring a hangover will take away unpleasant sweating and also cool down the body from completely.

3a location wrists under cool/ cool running water for 30 sec to 3 mins

These steps are simple, simple as well as among the most effective reflexology secret methods that exist

Congrats on joining the club, this key can save even the best people from terrible hangovers and also humiliating minutes when we show up to work hungover

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  3. Somewhat raises blood flow

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