Free professional hand, feet and face Reflexology Charts

Free professional hand, feet and face Reflexology Charts photo 0

Free expert hand, feet as well as face Reflexology Charts

One of the great features of a reflexology graph is the whole body is stood for in the feet, hands, face and ears in a logical repeated way.

All charts on how-to-do-Reflexology. com are made to help you recognize as well as remember where the primary organs and also locations are –– so you just need to describe maps every occasionally.

Some layouts have no organs in all, they show the basic location of the body that a component on the hand or foot represents.

By recognizing a basic location it is very easy to know what organs you are doing reflexology on,

Eg breast location; we understand consists of the heart and also the lungs, so for someone breathless the chest area is one that they can do additional reflexology on aid them consumption and also hold even more oxygen

Print and take them with you if you want, they are totally free to make use of for individual use and also individual education and learning only (drag as well as go down the pictures onto your desktop and then print)

Free professional hand, feet and face Reflexology Charts photo 1

The benefit to you of recognizing general reflexology locations on the hand, face or feet is that when you are out in every day life as well as a frustration or toothache starts out of nowhere you will have the tools to handle it, without the need of a map!

Moderate migraines, toothaches, hangovers and many more light problems can conveniently be eased using reflexology pain relief methods

There are additionally maps demonstrating how to find simply a specific location and also body organs eg bladder, teeth, nose

For the very best outcomes consume alcohol lots of water

Hyperlinks to reflexology graphes as well as maps on how-to-do-reflexology. com

Foot reflexology chart

Free professional hand, feet and face Reflexology Charts photo 2

Face reflexology chart

Reflexology meridians

Reflexology works just as well if you do-it-yourself (DIY) or have it done to you, if doing it DIY it is terrific to do simply while loosening up watching TV

Reflexology does 3 amazing things!

  1. It is loosening up
  2. Promotes harmony & & equilibrium in your body & & its systems
  3. A little boosts blood flow

Be sure to see Reflexology Care for full list of that can/ can’& rsquo; t have reflexology right here We & rsquo; re enthusiastic regarding sharing the old

methods of Reflexology with everyone that wishes to discover them as well as kick back, thank you for seeing our site!

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