Face Reflexology chart

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Face Reflexology chart

This Face Reflexology Chart is so easy to follow and also find out, you will certainly see why this is just one of the most soothing points to do and anybody can do it!

Also as do-it-yourself massage it’& rsquo

; s fantastic There are 15 factors on the face that stand for locations and systems within your body.

By stimulating these points you’& rsquo; re enhancing circulation and also equilibrium plus + additionally kicking back the individual receiving reflexology!

Relaxation is necessary.

It enables people to stop and also take time out from the stress and anxieties as well as responsibilities of life, relaxing is the same as hitting a reset button!

It usually can make us much more reliable and also satisfied. Assisting somebody kick back is helping them remain healthy and balanced.

Face Reflexology Method

This is really comparable to the Hand Reflexology Technique, a gentler version (this is defined again on the face reflexology chart essential below)

Step 1.


1a. utilizing one finger or thumb use solid stress on a face reflex point.

1b. without raising the thumb or finger gradually turn the finger/ thumb so pressure is being used in a round activity.

1c. do this on the same spot for fifteen to thirty secs clockwise, and after that fifteen to thirty seconds anti-clockwise.

Just how to do Reflexology on the Face

Face Reflexology chart image 1

Guarantee the person receiving face reflexology is resting comfortably, their shoulders and head should be sustained.

Typically the most effective area to position yourself when doing face reflexology lags the individual receiving it e.g. if they remain in a chair you are supporting them.

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If they are relaxing (eg in bed ill) stand next to their head.

We advise never standing in front of an individual due to the fact that they will certainly be incapable to unwind with your body physically towering above them.

Step 1.

Face Reflexology

1a. stimulate each face response one at a time, unless where there are two factors on the face for the exact same organ/ area.

1b. utilize the face reflexology graph below for instructions, begin at factor number 1, and also finish at factor 15.

If you wish to work a particular area of your body (eg breast area to assist with a coughing), make use of the key underneath the representation to figure out which ones to do, nonetheless- we call this “& ldquo; doing the helper locations” & rdquo; and also you can just do them after doing the whole face initially.

Step 2.

Leisure Workout

2a. using both hands extremely delicately faucet (making use of ideas of fingers) beneath the eyes (relocating kind nose to ears).

2b. still making use of both hands gently rub the jawline from top of ears to chin.

2c. use index fingers to massage chin for fifteen seconds.

2d. utilizing tips of fingers of both hands move up from chin, past the edges of the mouth as well as gently but firmly massage the cheeks in a circular movement for regarding thirty secs.

Face Reflexology chart image 2

2e. still using suggestions of fingers/ thumb move upwards, over the nose onto forehead where eyebrows meet, massage along both eyebrows relocating an external direction

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2f. as soon as fingers at outside end of brows spread fingers uniformly draw upwards over forehead completely to hairline

2g. delicately scrub the hairline, scalp and also all over the head as much as you like

Action 3.


Water is essential due to the fact that a boost in blood flow suggests the body will certainly do away with waste quicker,

Your reflexology therapy will certainly be more successful if you follow these last 2 steps.

3a. obtain the person obtaining face reflexology a large glass of water

3b. tell them to rest for the remainder of the day and also keep up the water

If you intend to find out exactly how water is the trick of success to this face reflexology graph go here!

If the person you are giving reflexology to is especially conscious an area you touch, compose it down (use the face reflexology graph to ensure of the location)

so next time you do reflexology to them you can check if that very same location is still sensitive.

You may consider going back over that location after the entire therapy has actually been completed to give it an added booster!

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What’& rsquo

; s this? Reflexology does 3 outstanding points!

  1. It is relaxing
  2. Advertises harmony & & balance in your body & & its systems
  3. Somewhat enhances blood flow

Make certain to check out Reflexology Care for complete checklist of that can/ can’& rsquo; t have reflexology here We & rsquo; re enthusiastic concerning sharing the ancient

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techniques of Reflexology with every person that wishes to learn them and also unwind, thank you for seeing our site!

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