Canine Reflexology

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Pooch Reflexology

Canine Reflexology is a reasonably new idea and based upon basic reflexology methods.

Dogs have reflexology points in the paws and around the bottom of their legs, by stimulating them we can enhance flow, balance and also relaxation within the pet dog.

Canine reflexology strategy is the same as when doing reflexology on a human, repetitive stress over a reflex factor enhances blood circulation to the corresponding area,

and also firm unvarying pressure on a reflex point lowers blood circulation as well as feeling in the equivalent area.

Although there are not any conclusive graphes available yet they are unnecessary because here are the steps on how to do reflexology on your canine good friend.

Pooch Reflexology Technique

Action 1.

Sit while the pet dog is unwinded

1a. see to it the pet is resting or resting unwinded and also you are sitting relaxed next to it. If the canine is not relaxed it will certainly be extremely hard to be able to touch its paws in any way.

Step 2.

Carefully touch the paws

1 while the pet is loosened up –– sitting or resting, making use of a finger or thumb securely yet carefully apply repetitive stress onto one paw at a time.

2a. function throughout each pad in the paw as well as at the end delicately massage therapy between the pads.

2b. if the canine is actually liking it likewise do all-time low of the legs as well, as on human beings there are dog reflexology factors around the ankle joints.

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Most canines will certainly like this and also you can feel excellent recognizing you are aiding the canine preserve a healthy and balanced state.

Letters from Readers

Here’& rsquo; s a couple of letters from viewers and our reactions about canine reflexology.

30 Mar 2012


my pet dog has fatty lipomas. a small one in each “& ldquo; pit & rdquo; of front legs, one med. near upper groins before back legs, and a specifically huge one on the inside upper leg of her left back leg. she has had examinations and also there is no cancer. exists any type of reflexology place to do anything for these lipomas? Denise from USA


Hi there Denise,

Thank you for your e-mail.

It is constantly heart heating to come across a fellow human intending to assist their four footed associates with canine reflexology!

Yes you are most definitely able to do reflexology to your pet dog, bearing in mind we only do reflexology to their paws.

Reflexology will do the very same point for your pet dog as it will certainly for you. It will certainly boost blood flow, advertise equilibrium in between systems and be exceptionally relaxing.

Canine reflexology wont directly or indirectly influence the lipomas themselves as reflexology does not heal things. The benefit of doing reflexology on your canine is to assist them unwind.

Is your pet ever before burnt out regarding the lipomas? Does your pet ever excessively lick the locations they remain in? if this is the case I would recommend making use of reflexology to unwind your canine pal when she is most stressed out regarding the lipomas. By doing this you can assist the animal take care of having the lipomas.

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Additionally we need to take into consideration that not all pet dogs like their feet being touched. You will require to educate your canine to appreciate you playing with the pads of their paws to ensure that this is a soothing massage for them instead of an anxious experience.

We recognize the suffering of having an unwell pet in the family members as well as wish this helps jazz up their spirit and maintain them being the pleased go-get-em champions we know they are!

9 Mar 2012


A good friend has a pet dog who all of a sudden landed up with ‘& lsquo; delaying & rsquo; hind legs, she is really anxious, CT check shows no neg results –– i do reflexology where on the paw will push assistance. Tanya from South Africa


Hi there Tanya,

Thanks for your email.

I am sorry to hear that your pals canine has “& ldquo; delaying & rdquo; hind legs.

Unfortunately we don’& rsquo; t have any definitive charts for pets at the moment as it is a fairly new science.

We would certainly advise you, if the canine is comfortable with being touched, to still do reflexology to the whole of all 4 paws. Similar to people simply doing one location is not recommended, and also reflexology doesn’& rsquo; t cure anything anyway.

What canine reflexology will attain is to help advertise far better wellness, assist the pet dog loosen up and also enhance blood flow (which can aid much faster recovery).

We will maintain you upgraded with any brand-new information on this subject as it appears.

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What’& rsquo

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  1. It is loosening up
  2. Promotes consistency & & balance in your body & & its systems
  3. Somewhat enhances blood flow

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