Reflexology shoulder ache relief

Shoulder aches are the worst!

This reflexology shoulder ache technique helps when aches get  to us at work, in the middle of doing something physical, when we're just worn down, anytime..

Shoulder pain can range from dull throbbing aches to stabbing pain from the neck right across the shoulder blades to the edge of the shoulder.

This reflexology shoulder ache technique is also great for mild neck pain,

is best done on the foot and takes about ten minutes

With all of these steps it is likely for the skin to feel like there are little knots, or bubbles under the skin- these are energy blockages.

Keep working an area until there is no longer any crackling/ bubbles under the pressure of the fingers.

At all times when using this reflexology shoulder ache technique, be gentle!

Force will never clear blockages, it will only increase the possibility of stressing a tendon or muscle in the foot

When the muscles/ skin is feeling soft and not crackling any more,

some people may not have many bubbles at all!

and when it is feeling soft and massaged then move on to the next step.

These energy blockages relate to the knots and aches in the shoulder.

The plan is - work out all the energy blockages in the foot, and energy blockages in the shoulder will go as well.

The steps on this page are simple and effective for relieving mild shoulder pain, but if the ache occurs frequently Always see a doctor.

Step 1.


Water helps a lot because it transports waste through your blood system. If feeling a bit blocked up in the head water will help a lot to make headache reflexology techniques work even better.

1a. have a glass of water

Step 2.

Thumb walk spine area

Begin on the right foot

do all steps on the right foot, and then do all the steps on the left foot.

This reflexology shoulder ache trick should always feel good, always stop if there is pain

2a. thumb walk up the spine from the bottom of the heel to the tip of the big toe

see diagram below for spine area

click here to learn how to thumb walk

2b. thumb walk down the spine from top of the tip of the big toe to the bottom of the heel

Step 3.

Thumb walk neck area

3a. use thumb walking technique over neck area of the spine; upwards, downwards, diagonally once or twice, be very gentle

See diagram below for area

Step 4.

Thumb walk shoulder area

4a. ask the person receiving the reflexology shoulder ache technique to do this the entire time Step 4 and Step 5. are being performed-

take large deep slow breaths in though the nose deep into the stomach-

hold the air in the stomach for 1 second, and release slowly, breathing out through the mouth. 

Breathing should be slow, steady and comfortable. 

The person needs to breath deeply in through the nose and fill the stomach with air,

hold for only 1 second.

and breath out slowly but confortably through the mouth.

When the stomch is completely filled with air it naturally pokes out quite far! You should be able to look down and see the stomach poking out like crazy because youve breathed in so much air!

4b. use thumb walking technique over shoulder area; upwards, downwards, diagonally once or twice, be very gentle

See diagram above

Step 5.

Thumb walk shoulder area on top of foot

5a. repeat step 4 on top of foot in the same shoulder area (just under the little toe)

5b. gently rub the bone notch that is under the little toe on the very outside edge of the foot for about 30 seconds

This bone sticks out more on some people than others

Rub it with one finger in a circular motion (one way then the other)

This may take a few moments longer if the knob is quite big

Step 6

Repeat steps on left foot

Reflexology of the feet is always completed on the right foot and then the left foot

6a. do all of the above steps on the left foot

Step 7.


7a. have a glass of water

We hope you have lots of success, let us now how it went with this reflexology shoulder ache technique!

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