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Readers Reflexology questions answered

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16 Aug 15

Reflexology Question

Can reflexology help with an over active bladder?

Unfortunately reflexology doesn’t cure anything and cannot in itself cure an over active bladder.

Reflexology (when receiving a full session across both feet or both hands) delivers three specific benefits;

1.            Slightly increases blood circulation

2.            Promotes balance between the bodies systems

3.            Is relaxing 

Reflexology can help to promote a more balanced healthy body though!

And the power of relaxation is often underrated. Relaxing, taking time to mindfully de-stress can have untold positive effects in boosting immunity and reducing potential negative health problems from enlarging.

In regards to an over active bladder it is best to seek advice from a medical professional.

In our experience if there is no major medical problem to address this type of problem can sometimes be corrected through a change of diet or lifestyle- with the help and advice from a medical professional.

15 Aug 15

Reflexology Question

Do you have a book with all this wonderful info. Maps, charts etc. available for sale. I have an iPad and it does not print anything. I use your info for my sinus stuffy nose shortness of breathe etc.and it seems to help or at least relax me and makes mr feel better. If not Can you recommend a book for me. Thanks

Thank you for your kind words on the website! We are honoured you find it so useful.

Apologies we don’t have anything downloadable at the moment. Its definitely a project we have planned for this year and we hope to have available before the end of the year.

There are some great books to teach the basics of reflexology, see our page on Best Recommended Books (link is here: )

This is the first book we recommend people to read:The Big Little Book of Reflexology by Inge Dougans

This is a great book too, very instructive and used in professional reflexology training: The Reflexology Handbook, A Complete Guide by Laura Norman with Thomas Cowan

3 Mar 15

Reflexology Question

Why do I feel too much pain in my heel?

Unfortunately Reflexology doesn’t diagnose conditions and cannot identify what causes pain in your heel.

Reflexology does three main things

1.     Slightly increases blood circulation

2.     Promotes balance between the bodies systems

3.     Is relaxing

These three benefits, when receiving reflexology regularly, work to promote good health.

Symptoms of pain should be treated by a medical professional who has experience diagnosing and treating illness and disease.

26 May 13

Reflexology Question

Hi, I would like to know if reflexology is suitable for me as I have progresive multiple sclerosis? Julia UK


Reflexology is a fabulously relaxing treatment that promotes harmony within the bodies systems and slightly increases blood circulation. These benefits will be wonderful for you.

However before you do it to yourself or even see a professional reflexologist you must first ask your local doctor or specialist who knows you and your case history if it is safe for you. 90% of cases it is absolutely safe but you must ask the doctor first just in case.

Because reflexology slightly increases blood circulation it can be extremely dangerous for people on some types of medication, with excessive blood clotting issues, diabetics as it can send sugar levels into unexpected highs and lows etc

Check with your doctor, once they say it is ok for you then yes, it will be more than suitable it will be a wonderful complementary therapy to hopefully make your life a little easier and at the very least its a fantastic relaxing thing to do, especially feet reflexology!! Its very easy to fall asleep during a session

13 Apr 13

Reflexology Question

How often should I do the foot,hand,face reflexology and is ok to do all three in one sitting? I basically look at this as form of meditation and would like to incorporate it into my daily life. Also, I do exercise and was wondering if i should do this before or after exercise. Thanks for your help, this stuff is very relaxing. Dylan USA


That is great you are loving reflexology so much, however it is recommended to only do reflexology once a week/ fortnight or month. If you want exercises to do every day you can do finger rotations, and any relaxation exercise.

Its not recommended to do all three in one sitting, foot reflexology is the most common type. This is because it has the biggest surface, you can reach more reflexes on the feet than on the hand and face, plus! they are closer to the surface so you can be very gently but highly effective. Why not try doing a 40min foot reflexology session once a week? (20 mins each foot)

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If you are looking for a daily activity like meditation we highly recommend transcendental medication, its and incredibly freeing and energising medication. You do it once in the morning and afternoon for twenty minutes and it changes peoples lives. There are lots of great teachers, we recommend some on the website or would be happy to recommend someone we know if you like.

In regards to doing reflexology around exercise, that depends on how you feel after receiving reflexology. It affects everybody differently, if you feel energised after reflexology then definitely do it before exercise. If you feel drowsy, extremely relaxed or tired after reflexology its best to do in the evening. Also, its best to not eat for at least one hour before reflexology, during a session the entire body and its systems, including the digestive system, need to relax but that cant happen if a meal has been eaten in the last hour

22 Mar 13

Reflexology Question

Thanks for your enquiry at re: what are the Potential Dangers When performing reflexology? Heidi UK


Visit the Caution! page on this website, here is a link to it;

It will explain more about who can and cannot receive reflexology

12 Feb 13

Reflexology Question

Why can’t reflexology be applied to fractured bone? Anna, Phillipines

Readers Reflexology questions answered photo 1


When a person has a fracture they have a greater chance of naturally creating more blood clots, these blood clots go away in time, it happens to everyone and is very normal. The problem is that reflexology slightly increases blood circulation which could potentially cause a blood clot to travel around the body causing danger.

For this reason wait until the fracture is completely healed, then wait a further six months after it has been healed, and consult a doctor first if possible just to make sure its 100% safe before doing reflexology. Remember this is not medical advice, always consult a doctor.

14 Jan 13

Reflexology Question

What is the best book to learn reflexology? Name me a few, thank you


There are a number of books we recommend for you, you can buy most of them online new or used, check out our list below 

 – The Complete Illustrated Guide to Reflexology, by Inge Dougans  – The Big Little Book of Reflexology, by Inge Dougans  – The Reflexology Handbook, A Complete Guide, by Laura Norman with Thomas Cowan

We highly recommend all of the books on the website

15 Dec 12

Reflexology Question

I want to know more about reflexology, can you help please? Zul, Gambia


There are a number of ways you can approach this;

1 get books on reflexology (check our website here, we recommend the best and you can buy them online from many sites) 

2 get a professional reflexology session from a qualified reflexologist 

3 learn reflexology at a recognised reflexology/ complementary therapies school (make sure they are nationally recognised and are a credible institution before paying for anything, we dont recommend doing online courses)

3 Dec 2012

Reflexology Question

My sisters health practitioner told her that her organs are very drained and worn out.

Is it safe to help stimulate them through reflexology, or is there a point of exhaustion of organs at which it’s better to restore a basic balance through other means first, before doing reflexology? 


To find out if it is safe you just have to check with her medical health practitioner. They can tell you, depending on her medication, history and condition if it is safe.

Once they say it is safe to do, it will have some great benefits for her!

As long as the doctor says it is safe you dont have to wait for the organs to be restored, just get into it.As she is not feeling 100% there are a couple of precautions- use a very light and gentle touch- very little pressure, reduce the amount of time so they dont go for as long- are a little shorter session.

It might be a nice idea to incorporate a gentle massage following the session and once a week is the absolute maximum frequency.

Most importantly- make sure they drink lots and lots of water- very important.

Check with the doctor first and then let us know how you go

25 Oct 12

Reflexology Question

I would like to be able to give my family face and feet reflexology, do dark areas under eyes connect with the bladder?

One of my family members has bladder problems. Thanks, Pauline UK


Reflexology has many amazing benefits and in your family members case the relaxation and balancing of their bodies systems will be havereally wonderful benefits.

Check with the doctor before proceeding as they may be on medications/ have a complication that could make reflexology dangerous eg increase of blood circulation, and have a negative impact.

Foot and face reflexology are fantastic, you could do the feet on a regular basis- once a month/ fortnight, as consistency is the key.

Get foot maps from our page here –

Forget worrying about exactly which area is which on the foot, just be sure to do the whole foot (you don’t want to cause any other imbalances unnecessarily).

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Dark circles under the eyes can be due to many different reasons, vitamin deficiencies, lack of sleep, anxiety, eating a poor diet etc unfortunately it’s impossible for reflexology to diagnose symptoms of any type.

Always check with a doctor for medical concerns.

In regards to giving Reflexology to the rest of your family; it can produce different minor side affects eg the first treatment ever may make you very tired or full of energy, but after three or four sessions it may be the opposite- that you are always drowsy after reflexology (best time might be just before bed) or that you are always energetic after reflexology (best time might be mid morning or mid afternoon when 3 o’clock nap time comes around).

Each of your family members will have different ways they feel after receiving reflexology so try to do it however works best for your family

28 Jun 12

Reflexology Question

On the Caution! page it says “people who should only have a professional” perform reflexology, and lists people who take high dosages or variety of medications.

My partner is bi-polar and has been diagnosed with vertigo. He takes about 6 prescriptions between the 2 diagnoses. How do you define “wide variety”? Thanks, Louisa UK


Reflexology is great for relaxation and balance which are both great things to help your partner with.

Based on the medication you described (that your partner is currently on), we would call that a wide variety, and recommend that consult your local doctor or general practitioner before doing reflexology.

The doctor will be able to assess whether or not there will be adverse side affects from doing reflexology to someone on their medication.

Remember that reflexology increases blood circulation and other things so it’s essential to see the doctor to get an ok first, preferably the same doctor that currently deals with your partner and is the one prescribing the current medication.

They will have the major benefit of knowing your partners health history.

Once approved by the doctor you will find that regular reflexology has some profound benefits, like helping improve sleep and general good health.

Have a reflexology question? Ask us here

7 May 12

Reflexology Question

Should reflexology ever hurt? Maggie from USA


No reflexology should never hurt.

Readers Reflexology questions answered photo 2

There should never be pain experienced in reflexology.

Pain usually happens when the person giving reflexology is using too much pressure.

A reflexologist should ask “does this feel ok” or “is this hurting” or “am I using too much pressure” while doing the reflexology session so they know how much pressure to use.

It is important to always be asking if it is ok because different people feel pain at different amounts of pressure. Eg older people and children will by much more sensitive

Pain can also occur if the person giving reflexology hits a nerve or bruise.

Always check the skin for cuts and bruises so you know which areas to avoid.

And if a nerve is hurt it is because the reflexologist is using too much pressure/ rubbing too hard.

8 Apr 12

Reflexology Question

Can a coma person receive reflexology? Michelle, Malaysia


The answer unfortunately is no, however we can give them other great massages!

Reflexology, as one of its three primary functions, increases blood circulation around the body. If a person is lying down for longer than 24- 48 hours they can create blood clots. Typically blood clots are very natural and don’t cause us any harm. Combined with reflexology though we risk sending them around the body to an area where they will cause a problem.

So rather than doing a full reflexology treatment here are three steps you can do instead!

1 Reflexology Relaxation Exercises. This helps the muscles and joints of the hand and/ or feet get some movement

2 Rotate The Joints of fingers and toes. This helps circulation around motionless bones

3 Stimulate Meridian Points. This helps balance and promotes good health within the bodies systems eg nervous, digestive etc

Please find the steps below so you can get started today!

1 Reflexology Relaxation Exercises.

For hand:

1a use a little massage or baby oil, and gently rub around the wrist of the right hand. Use big gentle sweeping movements of the thumbs.

1b move into the palms of the hands, working from the middle/ inside of the palm slowly to the edges. Repeat a few times.

1c turn the hand over, and very gently across the top of the hand, use your thumbs to push along from between the knuckles/ bottom of the fingers, to the wrist. This is very relaxing but using too much pressure can be painful.

1d holding one finger at a time, hold it as if to wring it right off the hand and give it a gentle side to side twist so that the knuckle bone joint is being rotated. Slide your hand up so that it does the same to the second joint on the finger and then the top finger joint. Do this to each finger

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1e gently give the hand a last squeeze, pat off the oil with a towel, and do the same on the left hand.

For feet:

1a massage the foot all over slowly but firmly to loosen it up

1b with both hands, hold on to the spine area with the palm of the hands- the fingers on the top of the foot and the thumbs on the bottom of the foot.

1c slowly and gently twist/ wring the hands away from each other in order to gently twist the spine area on the foot. This is a relaxation exercise. Do this, twisting both ways, for about ten to fifteen seconds each way

2 Rotate The Joints of fingers and toes.

2a hold the toe/ finger firmly at the base of the toe, gently move in circular motions so that you are rotating and stretching the base joint that attaches the toe to the foot

2b hold the toe just above the second joint and again move the joint in a large circular motion

2c rotate the very top joint on the toe (the big toe only has two joints)

3 Stimulate Meridian Points.

3a support the toe and use one finger to apply pressure on the meridian point in a circular motion – clockwise, then anti-clockwise, do each toe for ten seconds beginning with the big toe and finish with the little toe

Click here for page with meridian point diagrams of



15 Mar 12

Reflexology Question

I’m a beginner. I have a callus that starts 1″ below my second toe (both feet) and continues to the 1 1/2″ mark. Is this the solar plexus, heart, or lungs. It is difficult to determine this.

Is this callus protecting one of these areas and if so should I leave it alone? I have been putting a Release Oil on the area. Also, I don’t have a sore throat, I have a loss of voice when I sing.

What is the best way to treat this? Thank you so much. I have been researching this information for a long time and have bought the Reflexology and Meridean Therapy Book to help. Kathleen from USA


Reflexology unfortunately cannot diagnose anything so we have no idea why you have a callus on that area of your foot. A callus can arise from many different reasons; such as the type of shoes you are wearing, the way you walk, the type of surfaces you walk on mostly (eg if you work on concrete all day), how tough your skin is etc.

A professionally trained Reflexologist can sometimes after working with the same person for a while begin to recognise some “signs”, but these are so vague and generalised that no Reflexologist no matter how good they are will ever be able to diagnose anything from looking at or touching a persons foot, hands, face or ears.

There are many different organs, tissues, systems and cells representing each tiny part of a persons foot. It is impossible to know exactly what is being most strongly represented by a defect or skin discolouring and then make an accurate diagnosis from it.

You can however get rid of that callus! (that is a great reflexology question!)

You can easily get rid of any callus or corn by simply giving it some love..

How To Get Rid of a Callus

1) A few times every day for a few minutes eg when watching tv or reading, put foot in a comfortable position so that the callus can be held by thumb (on one side of foot) and forefinger (on other side of foot)

2) Apply pulsating pressure to the callus for a couple of minutes

3) Thumb walk the callus vertically, then horizontally, then side ways

Over time this will increase circulation to the blood cells on the surface of the callus, and this will lead to the callus slowly disappearing!! This works for corns too.

In regards to your singing question, I’m afraid we cant help you with that.

It is best that you contact a singing professional as they will have experience with these type of problems, and/or a doctor even though it isn’t sore, just to make sure you are taking care of your throat so you can protect that beautiful voice and prevent it from damage.

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Reflexology does 3 amazing things!

  1.  It is relaxing
  2.  Promotes harmony & balance in your body & its systems
  3.  Slightly increases blood circulation 

Be sure to visit Reflexology Caution for full list of who can/ can’t have reflexology


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