Reflexology Points on the body

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Reflexology Details on the body

Reflexology methods are practiced on 4 particular points of the body

1. Foot

2. Hand

3. Ear

4. Face

Reflexology services the concept that all organs, systems as well as tissues in our body are represented by reflexes on these 4 specific components of the body

By promoting reflexology points (on the foot, hand, face or ear) you are promoting different components of the body that the points relate to

Eg by promoting a location on the foot that represents the ear you are additionally boosting the actual ear itself

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The whole human body is represented in each of those four areas, however professional reflexologists will generally select to do reflexology to the feet due to their size

Feet provide the biggest area (contrasted to the face, hand as well as ear) which implies you can definitely boost every body organ, also the tiny ones!

Foot reflexes are likewise closest to the surface area of the skin so they can be stimulated by using a much gentler method such as Thumb Strolling

Below is an extraordinary reflexology reality!

The shape of the within our feet is uncannily comparable to the form of the spinal column in our bodies!

The spinal column is stood for by the within side of the foot, running from the idea of the toe to the bottom of the back of the heel, and when taking a look at it right on it strongly appears like the real form of the spine.

An additional instance of this extraordinary relationship our feet have with our body is that the waistline is stood for on the feet by the thinnest factor midway between the heel as well as pads of the toes.

True to human originality the midsection is in a different place on every person.

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Look into this photo as well as find where your waistline gets on your foot!

Look into the cost-free printable reflexology charts and maps to aid you know what locations are what.

Comply with the links below for simple to learn reflexology techniques, instructions as well as topographic maps of

Foot Reflexology Things

Hand Reflexology

Face Reflexology

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What’& rsquo

; s this? Reflexology does 3 amazing things!

  1. It is kicking back
  2. Promotes harmony & & balance in your body & & its systems
  3. Slightly raises blood circulation

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