Reflexology History

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Reflexology History

Reflexology history from 2000- present

Australia, Canada, Europe, UK, U.S.A. & hellip; all over the globe

Reflexology Associations created around the world decades ago expand in strenght and number, affecting government regulations, advertising as well as enlightening the area regarding reflexology.

Various studies carried out into the role of reflexology in cancer treatment.

Some consist of the Stobhill Health center at Glasgow, Scotland, who did a research study with twelve palliative cancer cells people. The College of Nursing at East Carolina College, U.S.A., did a research with twenty 3 bust and also lung cancer patients, as well as greater than twenty 4 other research studies finished, all with the very same outcomes;

Reflexology boosts quality of life, minimizes stress and anxiety, as well as in some cases relieves signs and symptoms of cancer therapy as well as other comparable ailments.

Regrettably even more research studies are needed of larger example groups to identify if and what impact reflexology carries dealing with cancer as well as other clinical ailments, but essentially reflexology does not cure anything.

1980s- existing


Inge Dougans is a contemporary reflexology champion

She has composed numerous publications on our reflexology recommended analysis listing. See the suggested analysis list here.

Dougans also developed the International College of Reflexology & & Meridian Therapy, as well as is regularly pioneering new methods to take reflexology to the globe.


United States

In the late nineteen thirties, Eunice Ingham worked with Dr William Fitzgerald as well as with each other they enhanced his explorations (see below his initial explorations).

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She picked up from Dr Fitzgerald that you can use pressure to the foot or hand and make a particular area on the body go numb.

From this she uncovered that by using repeated/ pulsing stress to the foot or hand you can make a particular area on the body heal better!

She took these explorations to the world and also shared reflexology globally for the very first time in history.

Eunice Ingham composed publications, travelled, as well as invested her life enlightening and also working with communities all over the globe to show regarding the terrific healing powers of reflexology very much like Inge Dougans did later on.



Ear, nose as well as throat surgeon, William Fitzgerald, discovered how to operate his individuals without using painkillers.

He did this using a theory he composed called zone therapy, which was the start of western reflexology background.

He located areas that run up and down the body, and also realised that by using consistent stress to a certain area on the finger or toes you can make a totally different location of the body go numb! He utilized this strategy to make areas in the face or jaw go numb.

Now he could operate without pain relievers!

Nearly astonishing for the 1930s however it still works today. Click on this link to find out just how to do it and also various other reflexology methods for reducing frustrations, hangovers as well as shoulder aches

4000 years earlier


In Egypt there is much evidence of reflexology background as well as this is one of the most exciting example;

There was discovered in the tomb of Egyptian Vizier (second accountable after the king)Ankhmahor, numerous photos of various tradespeople, individuals making jewelry, artisan etc

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In the room devoted to clinical pictures they found one of individuals exercising something that looks a dreadful whole lot like reflexology.

One man having his feet getting reflexology, one more his finger

Below the image is this writing. (harsh translation)

the client is stating “& ldquo; do not cause discomfort”

& rdquo; as well as the physician responds & ldquo; I will offer you just enjoyment”

& rdquo; just under 5000 years ago

Ancient China

Numerous old chinese publications talk about methods that are comparable and often the same to contemporary reflexology eg they practiced the “& ldquo; checking out foot method”&

rdquo;. There are also many referrals in a treasured old text called The Wonderful Yellow Emperors Medical Publication (The Inner Cannon, The Standard of Internal Medication. It has a few names depending on where you look)

The information in this message is still made use of by Traditional Chinese Medicine Professionals around the globe today.

Typical Chinese Medicine (TCM) is great- it incorporates power, body systems, climate seasons, as well as in TCM the secret is to stay clear of ever before being ill, as well as see doctors when you are well to stay well.

5000 years earlier

Old India

The very start of reflexology background, according to ancient chinese documents buddhist monks brought early reflexology from India to China about this time.

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