Hand Reflexology techniques and step by step instructions

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Hand Reflexology methods and detailed guidelines

Hand reflexology is as reliable as any kind of various other type of reflexology, but if you have the choice to do foot reflexology, it’& rsquo; s chosen because foot reflexes are better to the surface area of the skin.

Reflexology on the hand will offer you the very same outcomes as doing it on any kind of other part of the body, yet the results will take a little longer to take place.

We utilize hand reflexology generally for diy reflexology or to ease signs such as migraines, irregularity, shoulder aches. and also much more! Check out hand reflexology pain alleviation techniques below.

Hand reflexology uses a completely various method to foot reflexology.

Generally due to the fact that the hands are really flexible as well as the reflexes are much deeper under the skin which indicates you need to reach deeper as well as hold for longer to promote a hand reflexology factor.

The best way to place on your own as well as the person readied to obtain reflexology, is to rest across a table from them with a towel under their hands/ wrists for comfort.

Every reflexology treatment begins with a leisure workout.

The leisure workout sets the tone of the treatment as relaxing as well as aids to relieve the muscular tissues before you enter a therapeutic much deeper massage therapy of the reflexes.

Hand Reflexology Method

Hand “& ldquo; reflexes & rdquo;, the areas we are trying to stimulate when doing reflexology, are really deep.

Much deeper than any type of various other reflexology area on the body.

Step 1.

Just how to reach Hand Reflexes

1a. utilizing one finger or thumb use firm pressure know area on the hand.

1b. without raising the thumb or finger revolve the finger/ thumb so the stress is being applied in a round movement.

1c. so this over the same spot for regarding three to 5 seconds.

1d. move the finger/ thumb to a brand-new place next to where you have been functioning and repeat once again for about three to five secs.

Exactly how to do Reflexology on the Hand

Begin every hand reflexology session on the right-hand man, do the whole hand, followed by the left.

Action 1.

Leisure Workouts

1a. utilize a little massage therapy or baby oil, and also delicately massage around the wrist of the right-hand man. Usage large mild exterior sweeping movements of the thumbs, moving slowly.

1b. maintaining the exact same movement relocate the thumbs right into the hands of the hands, working from the center/ within the hand slowly to the edges. Repeat gradually for about thirty secs.

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1c. transform the hand over, as well as extremely (very!) carefully throughout the top of the hand, utilize your thumbs to push from between the knuckles/ bottom of the fingers, to the wrist. This is extremely relaxing yet using too much pressure can be excruciating.

1d. holding one finger at once, hold it as if to wring the finger off the hand as well as give it a really gentle slow side to side twist to ensure that the knuckle bone joint is being revolved (there ought to be no splitting noises made deliberately, although some could happen). Move your hand up to ensure that it can now do the exact same to the second joint, repeat mild revolving of the joint as well as once more on the leading joint of the finger.

1e. delicately provide the hand a last capture, rub off the oil with a towel, and also do the same on the left hand.

Step 2.

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Stimulate Hand Meridians

2a. utilizing the Hand Reflexology Method (explained over) apply pressure in a round movement for three to five secs clockwise and afterwards anti clockwise on each meridian point shown in the layout listed below.

Meridian points on the hands are:

Lung Meridian

Colon/ Large Intestinal Tract Meridian

Heart Constrictor Meridian

Three-way Burner Meridian

This meridian is described by the old Chinese medical message the Nei Ching “& ldquo; the triple burner is not exactly an organ, however a relationship between a variety of body organs.” & rdquo; It relates to the three main dental caries of the body and the organs within. So is an important meridian point to stimulate to promote normal balance within the entire body.


Little Intestine

Step 3.


The fingers stand for everything from your neck up. It stands for the glands, brain, head, face skin, ears, hearing as well as view & hellip;

Toes stand for the very same areas. The difference between doing reflexology on the toes as well as fingers is that the fingers offer a higher location to do reflexology on. The fingers are a bigger variation of the toes, like the toes have actually been “& ldquo; zoomed in &

rdquo; on. Make use of the hand reflexology method on the fingers in this manner;

3a. start on top of the thumb on the right hand, relocation downwards to the base of the thumb, start once more at the top of the thumb and also relocate down once more over a new area that hasn’& rsquo; t received reflexology yet.

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Continue up until the entire thumb has actually been boosted making use of the Hand Reflexology Strategy.

3b. repeat to index finger, and after that to every various other finger on the right-hand man. Remember to give attention to every single component of skin readily available, from the within to the outside.

The palm of the hand represents your body upper body.

Notice that your hand has different shades of colour, it typically is lighter between and also darker around the leading and also side edge; the top pink area is your upper body, the light area in the center consists of tummy as well as liver area, while the lower padding nearest the wrist (and also up along the side of the hand towards the little finger) is the digestion system.

Just under the little finger (on both front and back of the hand) is your shoulder location, scrub this area making use of the Hand Reflexology Strategy to get relief from moderate shoulder aches !!

Click here for even more thorough ideas to eliminate shoulder pains!

Step 4.

Hand of hand

For this step have the right-hand man laying level on a table or soft surface- hand encountering upwards.

Carefully make use of the hand reflexology strategy for each of the listed below actions.

4a. begin on the soft cushioning under the fingers- moving downwards over the location, then up-wards, then sideways.

Hand Reflexology techniques and step by step instructions image 2

4b. adhere to the same pattern as over for the centre of the palm

4c. utilizing the same method and pattern do the external side of the hand (downwards from under the little finger to simply above the difficult bone on the wrist)

4d. using the exact same method and also pattern do reflexology from the base of the thumb across to the external edge of the hand (every one of the soft padding in between the palm and also wrist). This is a very crucial location and associates with several things, including your back as well as gastrointestinal system

4e. lastly, really carefully and also softly rub the wrist from left to right once, after that from right to left

Tip 5.

Back of hand

Turn the hand over to make sure that it is hand encountered down. Right here you will be using the same Hand Reflexology Strategy yet much gentler. This is a really sensitive area as well as extremely mild stress is required, regularly ask the person receiving reflexology if they are okay with the quantity of pressure used.

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1 job down in one instructions- from the knuckles to the wrist up until every part of the back of the hand has actually been done.

2 delicately do reflexology around the wrist bone and also along the wrist.

Step 6.

Repeat on the left hand

Repeat all of the 5 steps over on the left hand

Step 7.

Leisure Exercises

7a. while left hand is still dealing with hand down use a small amount of massage therapy oil/ cream to the skin, and also carefully scrub from the knuckles to the wrist in soft sluggish motions for about thirty secs.

7b. scrub around the wrists for 10 to fifteen seconds.

7c. transform the hand palm face up, (apply a percentage of massage therapy oil if required) making use of thumbs do slow mild sweeping motions across the palm (start at wrists or centre of hands as well as relocate in an outward direction).

7d. delicately wring out each finger.

7e. repeat over steps on right-hand man.

Step 8.


Water is very important due to the fact that an increase in blood flow indicates the body will certainly get rid of waste quicker, however water is what the waste travels in, so make sure to have adequate water to eliminate any type of excess excrement from the blood system to prevent 24 hr of flu like symptoms.

1 obtain the person obtaining hand reflexology a large glass of water

2 tell them to relax for the remainder of the day and also keep up the water

Hand reflexology is excellent to do on other people however we believe that it is the very best one for doing reflexology do it yourself as well as also is the very best one for getting rid of frustrations!

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