Sexual Reflexology

Sexual Reflexology is fantastic to use with a partner that loves being touched, getting massages and back rubs and all sorts of cuddles!

It feels so incredibly relaxing, it's the perfect tool to help someone unwind and get in the mood

The best thing for sexual reflexology is to begin with a relaxing face reflexology session,

and then move onto basic ear reflexology

The person receiving this should be either 

- sitting comfortably on a chair that you can stand behind 


- lying down comfortably on a bed or lounge so you can position yourself behind their head to perform reflexology

Use lots of pillows and cushions for even more luxurious experience!

Stand or sit comfortably behind the person at the back of the head

Face reflexology sessions take between 10 and 15 minutes

but for the sake of a quicker and lighter touch session,

we recommend doing it in 5 to 6 minutes.

For face reflexology see the diagram and key below for reflexology points on the face and what they refer to

Because you are doing face reflexology for sexual enjoyment reasons it doesn't matter so much about what the reflexology points mean,

just that you do each one for a little while and have some fun with it.

Doing reflexology to each point,

even just for a little bit of time, will activate the persons energy points,

and increase their blood circulation making them more sensitive and relaxed!

Following the face session, move onto ears

Hold both ears, one in each hand

and gently rub - beginning at the bottom of the ear lobes.

Rub very softly using thumb and forefinger on both sides of the ear,

in circular motions and slowly move all over the bottom of the ear lobe,

lightly brushing the back of the neck every now and again.

Next, very softly and gently, move up the ear a little so the thumb is behind the ear and the forefinger is inside the groove of the ear and continue rubbing,

moving slowly upwards,

until the whole of the inside of the ear has been rubbed.

When reaching the top of the inside of the ear move onto the very outside edge flap.

Be careful of the inside of the ear flap/ curve as it can sometimes be uncomfortable to feel touched,

it can be difficult to touch so be gentle, relax, smile and enjoy yourself while you do it and your partner will just love it!

Rub gently from the top outside edge all the way down the outside edge to the bottom of the ear.

When reaching the bottom of the ear give the lobes a very very  gentle, slow pull to slightly stretch it out

From here you can continue softly and ticklishly rubbing the top of the neck under the hairline,

this is the complete and best sexual reflexology treatment, you know what to do next!

Your partner receiving it will not only feel relaxed, but will hopefully be extremely excited as well.

If your partner likes their feet being touched click here to learn more about foot techniques for sexual reflexology

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Reflexology does 3 amazing things!

  1.  It is relaxing
  2.  Promotes harmony & balance in your body & its systems
  3.  Slightly increases blood circulation 

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Reflexology cannot cure anything and information on this website is followed at your own risk, for more read the Disclaimer here

We're passionate about sharing the ancient techniques of Reflexology with every person that wants to learn them and relax, thank you for visiting our site!

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