Reflexology Sleeping Technique

This reflexology sleeping technique is amazing for helping anyone fall asleep,

it works for adults and children!

It is extremely relaxing and hugely popular with families, couples, anyone!

The person receiving this reflexology technique must be comfortable and must give permission for the technique to be used on them, it is very personal.

If the person receiving the technique is not comfortable with the other person being at their feet as they fall asleep they will not be able to relax and the technique will not ever work.

This reflexology sleeping technique can help at little in do-it-yourself situations,

but unfortunately it is not as effective as when one person is doing the reflexology technique to another

To use this technique we focus on the Diaphragm area represented on both feet,

and we focus on the persons breathing as they relax

Step 1.

Get comfortable

1a. the person wishing to fall asleep must get comfortable on a chair or lying down on their back with their feet relaxed lying near the end of the bed or on a foot cushion (if the person is trying to fall asleep in a chair)

If the person is lying down put a blanket (light or heavy depending on temperature) over their body for personal privacy,

it is hard for a person to completely fall asleep if their body is exposed.

1b. position yourself  comfortably at the persons feet, facing the bottom of the foot

You can be sitting, squatting or kneeling, but remember; 

this step may take 5 minutes, you being comfortable is very important to ensuring the other person stays relaxed

Step 2.

Hold the feet

2a. hold the feet - one with each hand, thumb on the Diaphragm area and fingers wrapped around the back of the foot, relaxed but holding onto the back of the feet

See diagram below for reflexology diaphragm area used in reflexology sleeping technique

Step 3.

Deep breathing

3a. ask the person lying down to breath deeply in- and to try and breath into their stomach,

if the stomach rises and falls they are breathing through their stomach

If their chest rises and falls they are breathing through their chest and will find it difficult to relax

3b. as the person lying down breaths in deeply - relax the thumb pressure on the diaphragm area

3c. ask the person lying down to slowly breath the air out of their stomach,

as they do this push slowly and firmly inwards with the thumb onto the reflexology diaphragm spot

3d. as the person lying down takes in a new breath of air -

slowly release the pressure on the diaphragm spot until the thumb is simply resting on top of the diaphragm area

3e. continue repeating over and over until they are asleep, 

their breathing will become more regulated, deeper and slower

You will know when to leave them by your gut instinct and practice.

This reflexology sleeping technique can take 1 - 10 minutes to help someone drift off to sleep

It is especially effective for hangovers, flu, young children, mild sleeping disorders or as a complementary part of a medically diagnosed program to overcome insomnia

The main thing to remember to get this correct is that the person must be breathing through their stomach

Every time they breathe in their stomach rises,

and when they breathe out the stomach falls

This also makes it easy to know when to push in and out on the diaphragm area

Here is an extra trick that can be used as a do-it-yourself and for people who think too much and aren't able to switch off at night which makes them unable to sleep

(although this is not really reflexology and doesn't work for everyone)

The idea is you want to make the brain unable to form cohesive thoughts about topics, and the way you do that is by thinking about completely unrelated things.

This works because the brain is unable to make reasonable connections or thoughts so it will be able to relax and allow sleep to come.

Thinking about completely unrelated things sounds easy right? Heres an example;

chair.. sheep... roof... paper... electricity box.. puppies.. england.. rubber band..

Continue like that. This takes only a small amount of time to master and is very effective in allowing a busy mind to slow down and get some rest

This is a perfect technique for people with a sleep disorder or with insomnia, although please remember none of the above is medical advice, always see a doctor with medical and urgent health problems

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  2.  Promotes harmony & balance in your body & its systems
  3.  Slightly increases blood circulation 

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