Reflexology Caution! Not everyone can receive reflexology

Reflexology Caution! most people absolutely love reflexology and receive it regularly

However it's not safe for everyone, have a look below to see if it is safe for you, your friends and family

because as you will learn, anyone can do reflexology.

People that should not under any circumstance receive reflexology include anyone with the following

  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Thromboplebitis
  • Cellulite on the feet or legs
  • Acute infection with high temperature
  • Stroke- in the first two weeks
  • An unstable pregnancy

Reflexology Caution! People with these conditions should not receive reflexology by anyone! except an Accredited Reflexologist

  • Pregnancy in the first trimester
  • Insulin dependent diabetics
  • Cancer, especially lymphoma
  • Epilepsy
  • Anti-coagulating drugs i.e. warfarin and heparin
  • People taking high dosage drugs or a variety of drugs
  • Up to six months after heart surgery
  • Hypersensitive people eg chronic fatique
  • Contagious conditions eg plantar warts, tinea, AIDS, Hep B or C

Always thoroughly check the foot, hand, face or ear before ever doing reflexology.

Look for bruises, cuts, swelling, blisters, infections anything contagious or painful to touch

Things like these mean you should definitely not do reflexology on that area of the body. Eg bruised foot or ankle- no foot reflexology. Warts and blisters on fingers- no hand reflexology.

Reflexology is only for healthy feet, hands, face and ears.

Reflexology helps restore balance, but does not cure diseases or illnesses and should be used to help maintain a healthy state. Be careful of people that promise cure of illness through reflexology, reflexology is not medical treatment and will never ever replace medical treatment.

Water is extremely important to reflexology and its vital to have a big glass of water every single time.

If you have any questions regarding the above information or just want to make double check that reflexology is safe for you please contact us directly,

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Reflexology does 3 amazing things!

 1: is Relaxing

 2: Promotes harmony & balance in your body & its systems

 3: Slightly increases blood circulation 

Be sure to visit Reflexology Caution for full list of who can/ can't have reflexology

Reflexology cannot cure anything and information on this website is followed at your own risk, for more read the Disclaimer here

We're passionate about sharing the ancient techniques of Reflexology with every person that wants to learn them and relax, thank you for visiting our site!

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