Reflexology books for every level of Reflexologist

The more information you learn, the better quality of treatments you will give. Here you will find the very best reflexology books.

The books listed here have all the fundamentals,

thousands of drawn and photographic images and diagrams,

are very popular,

well researched and written by leaders in the field,

and available at most good book stores and directly from the Amazon links below

You will see three reflexology book categories

1. Beginner

2. Advanced

3. History/ Other Therapies

1. Beginner Reflexology Books

The Big Little Book of Reflexology

Inge Dougans

This is a great beginners and professionals illustrated reflexology book.

It is over sized and hard back, the perfect coffee table and reference book.

Great as a gift for the avid reflexology enthusiast, and brilliant if you are looking to learn just that little bit more about reflexology

Inge Dougans is an incredible woman that has written many of the most important reflexology books and established Reflexology schools all over the world for over twenty five years.

The Reflexology Handbook, A Complete Guide

Laura Norman with Thomas Cowan

This is the ultimate beginners handbook, it really is what it claims to be, The Complete Guide.

Tonnes of step by step how to do reflexology diagrams with detailed instructions.

All the Foot Reflexology techniques you will ever need to know.

Includes comprehensive information and diagrams for identifying problems with the foot, how to reach deep reflexes, and step by step treatments for how to heal specific ailments with a treatment.

2. Advanced Reflexology Books

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Reflexology

Inge Dougans

This is one of the most detailed in instruction, illustration and photographs, reflexology books available.

Dougans walks you through relaxation exercises, step by step foot reflexology instructions and extensive details on where to begin and finish a reflexology treatment.

This book is a great gift for anyone that is a little bit interested in reflexology as will give them the chance to learn something practical and see how far they want to take that interest towards becoming a professional reflexology practitioner. 

Reflexology, The Five Elements and their Twelve Meridians, A Unique Approach

Inge Dougans

This is one of the best reflexology books in the market.

It combines reflexology, meridians, and seasonal elements to provide an easy to learn detailed and balanced treatment.

This is a great beginners book, but more suited to those that already have a basic understanding of reflexology.

This book walks through heaps of great techniques and routines to address really specific health issues, and is more related to foot reflexology.

Is a must read for anyone that thinks they want to, or is on the path to becoming a professional reflexologist.

In general, we highly recommend any Inge Dougans publication.

She has, by far, the most amount of titles published in different languages, and while the titles we list here are all in English just look for any Inge Dougans book online or get your local bookshop to order it in, as every single book she published has multiple language translations.

Reflexology, The Definitive Practitioner's Manual

Beryl Crane 

The name kinda gives this one away too, its an awesome book for a serious reflexologist.

If you've mastered the basics and understand meridians this book will provide the new challenges, information and techniques to keep you excited, clinical examples, and a step by step walk through for professional reflexology treatments.

An ultimate reflexology book.

It also covers all the areas you can do reflexology on; feet, ear, hand and face, including many intricately detailed diagrams.

Avid reflexologists should definitely read!! 

3. Reflexology History/ Complementary Therapies

Reflexology; Art, Science & History

Christine Issel

This well researched and written book covers reflexology's interesting and often disputed history, spanning over 5,000 years of evidence.

Christine Issel is considered a leader in reflexology historical research.

This book has no how-to-dos or illustrations, it answers all the other questions that you may have about reflexology such as which cultures used therapeutic foot massage?

and how did it move from India to China?

and much much more.

The Chakra Handbook, from basic understanding to practical application

Shalila Sharamon and Bodo J. Baginski 

This is a great supplement book to anyone learning reflexology.

It goes into fantastic detail about the energy pathways and chakra points all over the body.

Understanding the meridians and how they are affected by reflexology is very important to learning how to do the best most effective treatment possible.

This explains a lot of the energy and chakra principles upon which Reiki and Acupuncture also focus on.

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