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5 Nov 11

Reflexology Question

Please advise why my left third toe would be swollen and sore.

Seems like this is indication of a chronic condition. Ella from Netherlands Antilles


There can be many reasons why that toe is swollen and sore, but it is impossible to use reflexology to diagnose. Unfortunately reflexology is just not a medical diagnostic tool.

If you have any concerns about illness always see a medical professional.

With your swollen toe we recommend seeing a Foot Doctor or a General Doctor. When you see them ask if you can receive reflexology.

If they say it is safe for you, we recommend doing full reflexology foot treatments to yourself once a week/ fortnight (depending on what suits you best) for three months, and then once a month after that.

Go to for instructions.

18 Oct 2011

Reflexology Question

A friend has asked my to do reflexology on them but they having problems with their balance and have had ear ache for sometime, awaiting a brain scan, would it be ok to do this therapy on them? Pauline from UK


Maybe you should ask your friends General Doctor if they would recommend it or not.

Reflexology is 99.99% perfectly safe, but if the person is undergoing a serious treatment or you feel unsure for any reason at all you must consult a Qualified Medical Professional.

Reflexology is known to have helped cancer patients and all types of ill people, but always always consult the Doctor first

11 Nov 2010

Reflexology Question

It says to drink water a lot when doing reflexology, why? Rose from Singapore


You are so right, it does say a lot of times to drink a lot of water when receiving reflexology.

Reflexology does three important things-

 - relaxes you

 - promotes balance and harmony within your bodies different systems

 - increases your blood circulation

Water is related to reflexologys third function -  increasing blood circulation.

When blood circulation is increased by reflexology it also increases the bodies ability to heal and get rid of toxins and waste.

Did you know that? You can actually (on a cellular level) increase the speed at which you remove toxins from your system!

It also increases the amount of rubbish your cells get rid of.. similar to when you do spring cleaning in your home. 

And the way that your cells transport and get rid of waste..?


Water transports and gets rid of waste via your blood stream.

You could say water is like your bodies garbage men

But what happens if there's not enough garbage men working..?

You get piles of stinking rotten garbage in the street.

So drinking lots of water is important to transport and get rid of your bodies dead cells, waste, toxins and anything else it doesn't want anymore.

If you like this and want to know more visit 

3 Nov 2010

Reflexology Question

Can reflexology help an over active bladder? Terry from USA


Yes it can definitely help with an over active bladder

First go and see your doctor to see if this is a medical problem. If it is a medical problem and more than a simple over active bladder reflexology unfortunately won't be able to help. 

If you've already seen a doctor and its not a medical condition then heres some tips and background info on the bladder to help answer your reflexology question...

Foot reflexology is best, and the bladder is one of the easiest reflexology areas to find

For reflexology to help you just have to do two things,

1) do reflexology over the whole foot as well as the bladder and other indicated areas

2) do it regularly (once a week, fortnight is good, even once a month is ok if you are totally pressed for time)

A common reflexology question is can you do it yourself? Yes its possible to do quick twenty minute or hour long Do-It-Yourself foot reflexology, ten to twenty  minutes on each foot

Its important to do all of both feet to make sure you get all the organs that support the bladder just in case one of them is off and it's adding to the over active bladder.

The bladder is just one part of the urinary system, it relies on the kidneys, the right acid/ alkaline balance, it's regulated by the pituitary gland...

Step 1.

Do reflexology over the whole right foot then the whole left foot, for instructions visit

Step 2.

Gently rub in circular motions/ thumb walk for an extra half a minute each, the following areas (do all of them on the right foot then all on the left foot);

Pituitary Gland

(this controls your bladder.. and pretty much everything else in your body)

Located on the bottom of big toe, in the middle but slightly to the inside of the toe just about where the toe print lines meet together.

This is usually always sensitive as it has such a big job to do so be gentle.


(they filter all the water and waste from the bloodstream and intestines and send it to the bladder)

Easy to find, first locate the waist on the foot. Looking at the bottom of the foot, the waist is the area thinnest in width about halfway between the toes and the heel. It is in a different spot on every person and reflects their body, just like every one is different heights and shapes.

The kidney is in the same spot on both feet, underneath the second toe just above the waist line.


On the inside of both feet, directly under the ankle bone and just above the spinal area.

Easy to identify because it is the roundish puffy area and a little lighter or darker in colour from the surrounding skin.

Finish with a glass of water.

More Bladder Info!

The bladder is an elastic sack that holds urine ready for release from the body.

When you drink water it is absorbed into your bloodstream, and travels around your body renewing cells and helping to collect, then transport dead cells and waste from the bloodstream.

For the excess water to get out of the bloodstream with all of the waste it collects it pays a visit to the mighty kidneys!

The kidneys do a massive effort taking up to an amazing seven litres of liquid out of your bloodstream every single hour every day, sorting through what's useful and what's poisonous.

Useful stuff goes back into the body and nitrogenous waste gets sent to your bladder.

For some people it seems like as soon as they have a drink of water they need to go to the toilet.

Their body for some reason is speeding through this process or skipping it all together!

A surprisingly large amount of people experience an over active bladder at some point through their lives and its a common reflexology question if reflexology can help.

Over active bladders can often be fixed through diet, see a Doctor/ Nutritionist or Natural Health Therapist to see what you can add or take away from your diet to fix this.

For example; a basic law of human bodies is that salt helps the body to absorb water.. maybe you're not getting enough salt in your current diet? (be careful and see a doctor first though because excess salt can cause heart congestion)

Its best to check with a doctor because an over active bladder can be a simple thing to fix.

If you have a serious medical condition and are receiving treatment, you need to ask your doctor if you can have reflexology. If they say its ok we recommend seeing a professional reflexologist who can provide regular reflexology therapies, track your progression and help keep you relaxed and focused on a positive outcome from your medical treatment.

The Bladder has it's own Meridian energy line as well, even seeing an Acupuncturist or Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner may be good as they are able to help open any energy blockages on your bladder energy line.

Do you have a reflexology question? Ask us now receive an answer within 7 days

27 Oct 2010

Reflexology Question

Are there specific points for the throat on the paw? Our dog has throat cancer but still remains strong. Being experienced in foot reflexology, I am confident using it will help heal him. Thank you. Bill from USA


Dog Reflexology at this point in time is still relatively new, there are no absolutely conclusive maps.

You can still do reflexology on dogs though, and we highly recommend it!

Dogs love reflexology!

We recommend you do it on the paws and ankle area.

The paws and base of legs are traditionally not an area that a dog is used to being touched and they probably aren't used to being touched there.

This means do it regularly, start small doing only a little bit of reflexology while they are already sitting or lying down relaxed, and be conscious of if the dog is enjoying it, this is a relaxation therapy so enjoyment is critical to the therapys success.

At this point in time there is speculation that the neck/throat area on a dog is the ankle area of all the feet.

Between the large middle pad on the bottom of the foot and the dew claw.

On some dogs the dew claw can be missing or was cut off as a puppy, it is like the thumb on a human in the sense that it is just to the side and a little higher than the other claws.

If there is any trouble finding it

a) don't worry about it and just do reflexology to the whole ankle area of the dogs feet

b) go online to a search engine and search for "canine dew claw" you will see heaps of pictures that will help you find it.

Dog reflexology technique is the same as for doing reflexology to human hands.

Using the forefinger, gently apply a small amount of pressure to the area, keeping the finger in the same spot make circular motions one way and then the other way for about five seconds each way.

The amount of pressure to be applied is very light, lighter than a massage but heavier than simply touching the skin.

Be aware that there are ligaments and nerves in this area and avoid rubbing too hard.

Using this technique, do the whole area (all the way around the leg) between the claw and the large pad on the bottom of the foot.

Reflexology works to promote balance so continue over the rest of the foot and help promote great health to the dogs whole body.

The next step is to do the large pad on the bottom of the foot, followed by the smaller pads.

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  2.  Promotes harmony & balance in your body & its systems
  3.  Slightly increases blood circulation 

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