Reflexology for Pampered Feet

Reflexology is the perfect way to give someone pampered feet!

For thousands of years humans have understood the benefits of foot massage including the ancient Indians, Chinese and Egyptions..

Foot massage has always been present as an important form of complementary medicine.

Foot Reflexology is one of the most guaranteed ways to help someone relax,

and is a great healing tool for people that aren't usually used to being touched.

Whether you're looking for a simple massage to indulge a partner or something to pamper your own feet, reflexology is fantastic done by someone else or do-it-yourself!

Reflexology incorporates massage, pressure point, acupuncture and meridian principles so it is a great all rounder therapy.

Here is one amazing secret reflexology relaxation technique that feels so good!

  1. Hold inside of right foot (spine area, see diagram below) with both hands, fingers on top of the foot and thumbs on bottom of the foot.
  2. Slowly and gently twist/ wring the hands away from each other in order to twist massage the spine area.
  3. Continue up and down spine area for about thirty seconds.
  4. Repeat on left foot.

Warm foot baths are a must! for completely pampered feet.

Worlds Best Recipe for the Perfect Foot Bath:

  1. Find a container that can comfortably fit two feet including warm water.
  2. Place natural ingredient into container (see below for list of suggestions), then fill half way with warm water
  3. Take container to foot of a comfortable seat and place a towel around the edge (in case water spills over the edge).
  4. Check temperature is ok, may need to add hot or cold water to get it right.
  5. Make sure you have a towel ready to dry feet after the foot bath.
  6. Sit back and relax, this is the true way to pamper feet.

Natural ingredients that can be added to a foot bath

  • Honey
  • Green Tea
  • Rosemary
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender
  • Lemon

Other areas of the body that love being pampered include the ears and face.

Gently touching and rubbing ears can be very relaxing and we also recommend giving mini Face Reflexology sessions to help your friends and family relax.

Click here and go straight to Face Reflexology step-by-step instructions.

Or for more great Foot Reflexology step-by-step instructions click here and start today creating totally pampered feet!

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Reflexology does 3 amazing things!

  1.  It is relaxing
  2.  Promotes harmony & balance in your body & its systems
  3.  Slightly increases blood circulation 

Be sure to visit Reflexology Caution for full list of who can/ can't have reflexology

Reflexology cannot cure anything and information on this website is followed at your own risk, for more read the Disclaimer here

We're passionate about sharing the ancient techniques of Reflexology with every person that wants to learn them and relax, thank you for visiting our site!

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