Reflexology technique for shoulder ache relief

Shoulder aches are the worst, this reflexology technique can help when the aches get us at work, when having to do something physical or even when we're just worn down.

Shoulder pain can range from a dull throbbing ache to stabbing pain from the neck right across the shoulder blades to the edge of the shoulder.

This reflexology technique is simple and effective for relieving shoulder pain, but if the ache occurs frequently then always see a doctor.

This technique is also great for mild neck pain.

This reflexology technique is best done on the foot and takes about ten minutes.

With all of these steps it is likely for the skin to feel like there are little knots, or bubbles under the skin- these are energy blockages.

Keep working an area until there is no longer any crackling/ bubbles under the pressure of the fingers.

When the muscles/ skin is feeling soft and not crackling any more (some people may not have many bubbles at all!) and when it is feeling soft and massaged then move on to the next step.

These energy blockages relate to the knots and aches in the shoulder.

The plan is to work out all the energy blockages in the foot and the energy blockages in the shoulder will go as well!!

This reflexology treatment should always feel pleasant so stop if there is pain.

The first step is to have a glass of water if possible, water makes reflexology more effective.

Begin on the right foot, do all steps on the right foot, and then do all the steps on the left foot.

The second step is to use the thumb walking technique along the spine area- over the neck area of the spine and on the spine area that is exactly level with the shoulder area. See the diagram below

For best results quickly thumb walk up and down the whole spine area once or twice as well.

The third step in this reflexology technique for shoulder ache/ pain relief is to thumb walk the actual shoulder area on the bottom of the foot under the little toe. See the diagram above.

Thumb walk in an upwards direction over the shoulder area, then downwards over the area, then on diagonal directions over the area.

The fourth step in this reflexology technique is to do exactly the same over the shoulder area on the back of the foot. It is in the same spot- under the little toe.

The fifth thing to do is to rub the bone notch that is under the little toe on the very outside edge of the foot.

This bone sticks out more on some people than others. Rub it with one finger in a circular motion. This may take a few goes if the knob is quite big, be sure to rub it in a circular motion all over, for about five seconds each time.

This reflexology technique for shoulder relief becomes more effective when you do a whole foot treatment. So check out our page on

great foot reflexology techniques here

This last step is more of a trick and not really reflexology. It is known to be one of the main reasons why people get shoulder pains- so it seemed necessary to add this information in.

One of the main reasons that people experience shoulder pains and aches is because they are breathing through their chest and not through their stomach.

It is very simple - babies are born breathing through their stomach, and if you ever watch a person sleep their stomach will rise and fall.

At some point in our lives however we start the habit of breathing solely through out chest.

The problem is that when someone breaths through their chest they activate their flight or fight response... permanently!!

Which causes stress on the chest as it is in a permanent state of reaction and being tense.

The flight or fight response is one of the oldest tools humans use to survive.

If a human was being attacked by a fierce animal or other human - they would naturally without thinking activate the F or F response; increased heart rate, ability to make snap decisions, increased adrenalin, breathing through the chest for sharper quicker breaths making sure all the muscles have enough oxygen, digestive system shuts down to allow more energy to focus on muscle power and strength and much more...

Breathing through the chest all the time activates this F or F response,

but if a person is living a normal life and not in an environment of danger then the muscles will become tense over time,

anxiousness is held in the neck and entire back,

and these things will lead to chronic shoulder pain.

And if there is constant shoulder pain but the person is not exposed to repetitive physical motions, that would be most likely to cause such pain, and many doctors and physicians have been consulted with no immediate cause discovered, then this breathing technique is the perfect long term technique for eliminating shoulder pain.

The trick to breathing through the stomach is to take in a deep breath- similar to yawning, and take the air all the way down to the stomach.

So, yawn... take the air down into the stomach

(watch the stomach expand- if it expands/ goes out, then the air is successfully in the stomach),

hold it there for a few seconds, and let it go.

This will get breathing through the stomach feeling a bit more natural.

The last step is to simply take out the "holding it in the stomach" part and start to breath more naturally with the usual inhale exhale pattern, but inhaling into the stomach.

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