Reflexology Hangover Relief technique

This is the simplest reflexology hangover relief trick ever. 100%.

Right now you may be feeling a bit so so, and lets face it

Hangovers = sick feeling in the stomach + headache

Use this trick and you can eat and drink water again without feeling dreadful or the fear of throwing up, you can breath comfortably, you will be normal again! Or as close to normal as you normally are ;)

Reflexology Hangover Relief technique

Step 1

Locate the Meridian

1a this trick is always performed on the second toe on each foot (next to the big toe).

1b just under the toe nail (slightly to the side opposite the big toe, see diagram below) is the small area called the Stomach Meridian reflex

The Stomach Meridian is the energy highway that travels straight through your stomach.

If you are hungover this energy highway is going to be feeling pretty bad, it will be sluggish and blocked, while your physical stomach is dehydrated.

To feel relief you must stimulate this meridian, promote energy flow so it is no longer sluggish and nasty blockages caused from drinking too much are removed. Once the energy starts flowing you will feel incredibly better.

Step 2

Stimulate the Meridian

2a use one finger to push down (gently but firmly) on Stomach Meridian reflex in a circular motion for two minutes one way and then two minutes the other way

2b do the right foot first and then the left foot. Keep doing this toes until you feel relief.

Step 3

Run wrists under water

This step is great for when a person is still drinking, have had too much and suddenly feel sick

Depending on how much they drank, using this trick for three minutes will guarantee they feel better immediately

Using this step while suffering a hangover will take away uncomfortable sweating and cool the body from inside out.

3a place wrists under cold/ cool running water for 30 sec to 3 mins

These steps are simple, easy  and one of the best reflexology secret tricks that exist

Congrats on joining the club, this secret can save even the best of us from dreadful hangovers and humiliating moments when we turn up to work hungover

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  3.  Slightly increases blood circulation 

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