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How To Do Reflexology, Issue #002 -- teaser here
August 15, 2016

Hi I hope you're well!

Reflexology is more than just a nice massage, it can also help relieve the edge from headaches!

Reflexology headache relief techniques are so easy to do because your head is represented in the fingers and toes!

This is also the most misused technique, many people have misinformation about getting rid of headaches and think there are painful spots on your hand that if you press it will reduce or distract from the headache.

This is simply not true, reflexology is always relaxing and always gentle.

2 Reasons why Fingers are best for Reflexology to get rid of Headaches

1 you can get rid of headaches quicker and more effectively

2 it's so simple you can do it wherever you are and no one will notice!

The fingers are absolutely best to do reflexology on for headache relief as they provide a larger area compared to the toes.

Read on for a simple reflexology Headache Relief technique

Step 1


Water is amazing because it transports waste through your blood system

If you're feeling blocked up in the head water will make headache reflexology techniques work 100x better

1a have a glass of water.

Step 2

Rotate the joints

There are many bones in the skull, jaw and top of the neck,

and they are all represented by the bones and joints in the fingers and toes.

This step of the reflexology headache relief technique sends energy, increased blood circulation and relaxation to all bones in the skull

2a if doing this to yourself (DIY) start by putting one hand palm down against your stomach

If you doing this to someone else have them put their hand palm down on a table or bench or any flat surface that is available.

2b hold thumb near the base joint (where thumb and hand connect) and rotate the thumb in a big slow gentle circle

Be sure to roll the joint in a full circle, one way and then the other way

This is a relaxing technique and should feel really nice! If you are doing this to yourself and feel like you want a bit extra oomph, really stretch the thumb joint gently pulling while you are slowly rolling the joint.

2c now hold onto the next joint up the thumb,

thumbs only have two joints so hold onto the thumb just above the second joint.

Gently twist the top of the thumb from side to side for about five seconds and then rotate in a circular motion for five seconds one way, then the other.

2d repeat on every finger on the hand.

Fingers have three joints so be sure to do

- full rotation of the base joint (that connects the finger to the hand)

- side to side gentle twisting and circular rotating of each top joint (middle bone joint, then top bone joint)

Step 3

Gentle/ firm Squeeze

3a using all fingers and thumb of one hand, gently squeeze up and down the thumb on all sides

3b repeat on all other fingers one by one

Step 4


4a while doing reflexology headache relief technique always concentrate on taking deep slow breaths of air,

breath slowly inwards deep into the pit of your stomach (visually watch to see that your stomach expands)

hold for a few seconds

and release letting the air flow out at its own pace.

Repeat for about a minute or at least five times.

This promotes energy flow all around your body (some people may feel a little lightheaded for a second if the brain is not used to getting this much oxygen)

but it is truly amazing at setting a restful rhythm for the body and clearing your mind and headache.

If still experiencing a dull ache do a more thorough treatment of the fingers, full reflexology instructions here

or contact us for a more personal recommendation emailed to you directly absolutely free!

We hope you've enjoyed this months Reflexology Newsletter

Visit the website for more amazing steps!

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