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How To Do Reflexology, Issue #001 -- teaser here
April 07, 2016

Welcome to the How to do Reflexology Blog!

Reflexology is fantastic for relaxing, helping to promote harmony within the bodies systems and contributing to balanced health (in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle!)

It’s really like having a cheat sheet to your body showing how to get relief from minor aches and pains.

This monthly blog will share tips, techniques and ideas so you can give and receive reflexology for all it’s amazing benefits.

Unfortunately we haven’t written a blog in quite a while, so we apologise up front if this is no longer for you! Please simply unsubscribe so we won’t bother you again

If you’re still with us today you will learn how to quickly relieve a minor headache!

The Hands

The Hands represent your entire body but in reflexology differ from the feet in a couple of key ways.

1. Reflexology points in the hands are deeper

2. The head from the neck up is represented on the fingers and thumbs

Relieving a headache is easier to do on the hands than the feet because fingers are bigger than toes so you can be more specific and reach deeper!

Step #1 - If possible start with a glass of water

INFO * The head contains many many bones (the skull is actually made up of lots of different bone pieces fused together!)

By stimulating joints in your fingers you can slightly increase blood circulation in the head, thereby assisting to disperse the headache! *

Starting on the right hand, follow the below steps then repeat on the left hand

1. Hold the thumb firmly from the tip to the base, and then rotate the entire thumb slowly in large circles one way and then the other way

Slowly stretch the thumb in one big circle a few times, then the other way a few times (gently)

2. Slide your grip up until it is just above the thumbs joint, wriggle from side to side a few times

3. Squeeze then release, squeeze and release the tip of the thumb

INFO * you may feel crackles under the skin on the tip of the thumb, these are crystals that represent a blockage of energy flow, stimulating them in this way will help disperse them ☺ but be gentle

4. Repeat for each finger

5. Repeat on the left hand

You may need to follow all these steps a couple of times

If possible also take ten to fifteen minutes to relax.

Sitting relaxed helps to calm the bodies systems and promote harmony.

Sometimes a headache is caused from stress, food, environment or lifestyle, and simply relaxing will allow the body to calm and take away minor pain.

I hope you find this helpful! And don’t need to use it, although now you know how to it may come in useful.

This is a technique you can do to yourself and others. It is especially effective when given to someone else as the transfer of positive caring energy helps to relieve pain.

Remember to always check with your doctor if concerned to make sure reflexology is safe! If in doubt just don't do it, as this is not medical advice and should be followed at your own risk

Thank you for staying with us!

And stay tuned for the next episode!

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